Easy to get started

Free up your time while Billdog handles medical billing and claims-related issues. Billdog is easy to use on-demand by your back office or may be given to HR managers and employees for self-service. It's easy to get started--no enrollment meetings or census files required!

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Win new clients and retain your block

Billdog helps service teams, employers and employees with any confusing medical bill. It's easy to include in proposals. A broker-branded website makes it easy to access-- no enrollment meetings or census files required!


Grow Your Block

Free your time to win new business by adding Billdog to support your service team.

World-Class Service

Move difficult, sensitive, and time-consuming billing and claims-related issues to a specialty service.

Retain Your Clients

Increase employer satisfaction by saving employees time, money, and hassles.


Billdog handles all kinds of billing and claims issues

Easy for Billdog to support your back office or provide access to HR managers and employees for self-service. Billdog covers employees, spouses & dependents!

Billing & Coding Errors

Out-of-network charges & upcodes

Incorrect procedures & diagnosis codes

Claims Issues

Failed pre-certification

Claim resubmissions & reconsiderations

Benefits Support

Deductible, co-pay, coinsurance, coding, diagnosis & billing questions of all kinds

Sensitive Topics

Mental Health

Chronic Illness

Men's & Women's Issues

Complex Medical


Hospital, ER, pregnancy


Difficult Situations

Workers comp

Timely filing

Modifiers eg. telemed

A Complete Solution

Billdog offers a complete package of secure and mobile-friendly technology. Marketing and client engagement support is provided so every broker can offer world-class service to their clients!

Streamline Operations

Next-generation tech allows Billdog to solve difficult issues while providing security and visibility. This allows brokers to stay one step ahead in managing clients.

Easy to Start

Simple onboarding, easy to access the service-- no complicated census, enrollment meetings or plan documents are required!

BillDog helps review your medical bill

Differentiate Your Brokerage

Branded website and marketing material, regular updates and reporting keep the brokerage's name front and center.