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Free up your time while Bill Dog handles billing and claims-related issues.  Bill Dog is a low-cost, easy way to support your back office or provide the service to your clients' HR and employees so they can get help on any confusing medical bill.

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Bill Dog serves your block or a specific group

Bill Dog is designed to serve brokers and advisors and help them win new cases. It's easy to get back office support for the block or give it to your clients' HR teams and employees. It’s low-cost and easy to include in proposals. It's simple to deploy and commission eligible.



Free your time to win new business by adding Bill Dog to the block or a single group.


Remove difficult, sensitive, and time-consuming billing and claims-related issues and questions from your office.


Increase employer satisfaction by giving employees an easy way to save time, money, and aggravation.


Bill Dog handles all kinds of billing and claims issues

Easy to get back office support for your office or distribute to employees. The benefit covers employees, spouses, & dependents!

Billing & Coding Errors


Incorrect procedures / diagnosis codes

Claims Denials

Failed pre certification

Out of network charges

Standard Issues

High Deductible, co-pay, coinsurance, coding, diagnosis, billing questions of all kinds

Sensitive Topics

Mental Health

Chronic Illness

Men's/Women's Issues

Complex Medical


Hospital Stays

Plan Crossovers

Difficult Situations

Unreasonable charges

Timely filing

Modifiers eg. telemed

A Complete Solution

Bill Dog offers a complete package of technology, marketing and client engagement support so brokers can provide world class service.

Streamline Operations

Next generation technology lets Bill Dog solve difficult issues while providing visibility so brokers stay one step ahead in managing clients.

Go-Live Fast

2 Day go-live. Simple onboarding, no complicated census, and plan documents are optional !

BillDog helps review your medical bill

Differentiate Your Brokerage

Regular case updates, reporting, and co-branded platforms and marketing keep the broker's name front and center.