Stop worrying about confusing medical bills

Bill Dog provides an easy way to verify any medical bill so it can be negotiated and paid with confidence.

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Our members are never alone

Bill Dog removes the hassle of a confusing medical bill. Simply snap a picture or send a question to start a case.  Bill Dog is easy to use and passes 100% of medical bill savings to its members. Bill Dog is made for employees and others that get these issues, like human resources, brokers and advisors.

Snap to Use

It's a snap to get help on any medical bill, EOB or other confusing document.

Connect with Real People

We work directly with members, providers, and insurance companies to resolve issues. Reach us by phone, chat, email or direct message.

Results Driven

Fraud is detected, codes, charges, and insurance payments are verified. Billing errors and corrected. Opportunities for appeal and price negotiation are identified and supported.

Bill Dog is independent.

We work for our members

Bill Dog unpacks the details.

Be confident before paying any medical bill.

Bill Dog researches and explains every situation to our members. Errors, claims denials and out of network charges are identified. Bill Dog works directly with members, providers, and insurance companies to correct issues and support appeals and price negotiations.