Q1 Member activity increased 400%


Q1 was another exciting quarter with no shortage of confusing medical bills! We saw member activity grow by 400% as more advisors and HR managers roll Billdog out to their clients.

We saved money on 67% of medical bill reviews with a median savings of over $380.

And we eliminated a lot of hassles--we delivered an estimated 1010 hours of time savings to our community of brokers, advisors, HR managers, and employees.

Here are other notables for the quarter.

Mobile app 2.0 is NOW AVAILABLE for members!

We invite members to download the app from the Apple and Play stores. It's easy for employees to activate their account and start getting help.  The app allows for image capture, direct messaging with Billdog’s medical-admin-specialists, updates and notifications. Find it by searching “Billdog” in the store!

Employer costs can be reduced by adding secondary insurance to high-deductible plans

High deductible employee plans coupled with a secondary gap insurance to cover deductibles can be an effective way for advisors to reduce premium increases for employers. However, this doesn't come without friction: employees are required to carry two insurance cards and present both; providers are required to file claims in two places. We are improving the experience for employees.

Health spending account support

Advisors are deploying Billdog so employees get the most from their health spending account .  We help employees that have an issue and get caught up between medical providers, insurance companies and their HSA, HRA, or FSA payments. These issues are difficult to resolve because the claims and payment information is confusing and scattered across multiple parties and platforms---and the parties don't generally talk to each other!  When employees grow frustrated with these issue they often pass them off. Now employees, HR managers and advisors can bring Billdog in to help.  

You might be asking how this is possible. We represent the employee and our solution is powered by next-generation technology that makes it easy for any employee, broker, advisor or HR manager to get help on any confusing medical bill. When a medical bill review is requested, we first research the problem and gather any missing details. We verify the accuracy of the bill and explain the situation in a way that regular people understand. Then our team of medical-admin-specialists work with the medical provider(s), TPA or insurance company (payor), and in some cases, the HRA/HSA/FSA provider to resolve the problem. They correct errors, analyze payments, reprocess claims, initiate refunds, file appeals and negotiate bill reductions.  

It's an exciting time for Billdog. If you are a broker, advisor, or HR professional and would like to learn more about how we can help you provide world-class service for a fraction of the cost, please reach out to us.

We wish you all good health and will speak to you soon!