Stop worrying about confusing medical bills

Billdog makes it easy to verify any confusing medical bill so errors can be corrected and balances negotiated and paid with confidence. The service is low-cost and easy for brokers, consultants, and HR to offer to employees.

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Our members are never alone

Billdog removes the hassle of a confusing medical bills. To start a medical bill review, simply snap a picture or send a question.  A dedicated medical billing specialist will work your review from start-to-finish. 100% of the medical bill savings we find are passed to our members.

Snap to Use

It's a snap to get help on any medical bill, EOB or other confusing document. Start a bill review by asking a question or sending a picture of a bill.

Connect with Real People

We work directly with members, providers, and insurance companies to resolve issues. Reach us by phone, chat, email or direct message.

Results Driven

Fraud is detected, codes, charges, and insurance payments are verified. Billing errors and corrected. Opportunities for appeal and price negotiation are identified and supported.

Billdog is independent.

We work for our members

Billdog unpacks the details.

Be confident before paying any medical bill

Billdog researches every bill and explains the situation to our members every step of the way. We find coding errors, identify the reason claims are denied and determine a strategy for resolving out-of-network charges. Billdog works directly with members, providers, and insurance companies to process claims resubmissions and support price negotiations with providers.

What our customers say...

Thank you for all your hard work, this has been a great process and I now understand my bill.
Noreen O.
Grand Rapids, MI

Verification of 18 page Hospital EOB
Thank you for your help ! I was confused why the charges showed up and had no idea they had already been written off.
Jack M.
Seattle, WA

Timely filing triggered due to coding and data entry errors
I am overwhelmed with Joy and Happiness. Thank you for securing such an awesome result.
Esther B.
Maple Shade, NJ

Coordination of Benefits issue - Large balance written off