Pricing for brokers, advisors, and employers

It's easy for brokers, advisors, and employers to let Bill Dog power their back office or to provide service to all employees in the company or to a segment of an advisor's block of business.

Employer Group
as low as

Easy and low-cost service for all employees in the company.

Support for human resources, easy to add off-cycle.

User friendly for employees, no enrollment meetings required.

Employee engagement  welcome and service reminder emails.

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Broker block
as low as

Serve employees within an advisor's block, regardless of the employer.

Service can be used by employer HR teams or given to all employees.

Marketing and co-branded material can be used in proposals.

Easy to tailor the service for specific employer requirements so advisors are always in touch with clients.

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Enrollment Platform integrations.

Bill Dog as a voluntary benefit on the shelf of benefit marketplaces.

Wholesale, bulk and bundled arrangements.

Flexible co-branding and engagement options for partner.

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Features & Benefits

Snap to Use

It's a snap for advisors, HR teams, and employees to get help on any confusing medical bill or insurance document.

Connect with Real People

We work directly with employees, providers, and insurance companies to resolve issues on members' behalf.  We can be reached phone, chat, email, or direct message.

Broker and Advisor Co-Branding

Our co-branded websites, reports, and collateral materials make it easy to get help on any confusing medical bill and increase client satisfaction.