Why Billdog

Billdog knows too many working Americans are left alone to deal with the stress of medical bills.  These bills are confusing, contain errors, and often come as a surprise. Billdog makes it easy to get help on any medical bill. The platform is built on AWS to insure security and high availability. The service is delivered by a team of doctors,  medical billing, insurance and fin tech professionals who are dedicated to helping people with this problem.


Billdog was formed in 2019 to provide medical bill protection to its member community of employees, brokers, advisors, and HR professionals.  The service is powered by a next-generation platform that makes it easy to start a medical bill review for any confusing medical bill or claim.   The company employs a team of medical billing specialists and clinical professionals to work with providers and insurance companies on behalf of its members.   Each review includes a verification of bill accuracy, resubmissions, credit risk mitigation, and identification of opportunities for negotiation. Billdog members keep 100% of savings on medical bills we find.


Tom Miller
PROdUCt & Operations
Dr. Tom Wolk
medical officer
Mukesh Kachroo
technology ADVISOR
Chris Calhoun
Independent Director
Chetan Bagga
Ryan Toner


To save people time, money, and stress by helping them navigate difficult medical bills and providing cost transparency.


We help people from across the U.S. with confusing medical billing and claims-related issues. We see why the U.S. medical system is so difficult to navigate. Despite having some of the best doctors, hospitals, and medical universities in the world, it is not easy for regular people to manage. Most Americans receive health insurance through their employer and thus, insurance companies have traditionally collected money and made payments to doctors and hospitals, however, as medical costs have exploded, more bills are going to people through higher deductibles, balance bills, out-of-network charges and claims denials. Medical bills and insurance documents contain codes, odd charges, and are generally difficult to understand. There is very little price transparency and as many as 50% of medical bills contain an error. Bill Dog lets people relax and get help when any confusing medical bill arrives.

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