About Us

Bill Dog knows too many working Americans are left alone to deal with the stress of medical bills.  These bills are confusing, contain errors, and often come as a surprise. Bill Dog makes it easy to get help on any confusing medical bill. The platform is built on AWS to insure security and high availability. The service is delivered by a team of doctors,  medical billing, insurance and fin tech professionals who are dedicated to helping people with this problem.

Our Mission

To empower people by saving time, money, and stress through medical cost transparency.

Our Perspective

We help people from across the U.S. with confusing medical billing and claims problems and experience firsthand why the U.S. medical system is so difficult to navigate. Despite some of the best doctors, hospitals, and medical universities in the world, the system was not built for regular people. Since World War 2, most Americans have received health insurance through their job. The system was designed for insurance companies to collect money from companies and make payments doctors and hospitals – the actual patients were never supposed to see a medical bill! However, as medical costs have exploded, more bills are going to people. These bills arrive as higher deductibles, balance bills, out-of-network charges and claims denials. Medical bills and insurance documents are loaded with confusing codes and strange charges. There is no price transparency and as many as 50% of medical bills contain an error, so it can be super difficult to figure out what's even happening. Bill Dog is here so people can get help and rest easy when any medical bill lands in the mail box.

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